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We want you to see and try our unique products because we believe they are the best on the market. They are easy to use, and will enhance your work. However, because we do not refund electronic downloads or have trial downloads of our full product sets, we offer these free samples for you to try. You may use them for personal or commercial use (terms) but you may not sell or redistribute them in any manner in their original, native, format.

We will change the products on this page from time to time, so come back often.


Free Stuff 02
300 dpi free elements and more! 3 corners, 3 class frames, 3 grunge frames (pics not included), a Christmas tree and a gift box. 11 MB download. Free Stuff 02. Personal use only, ToU.
Hieroglyph Bursh set logo
12 Hi res hieroglyph brushes for Photoshop. 4MB download. Hieroglyph
Swirl Set Elements logo
12 Hi res swirl element brushes for Photoshop. .6MB download. Swirl Elements

Creative Frames

Creative Drawer free Creative Frames jpg

There are frames P094, P069, and P117. Like all our frames, they are each 11" at the largest dimension (11x8 to 11x11) @ 200dpi, ideal for framing all sorts of images, including scrapbooking. To download the free frames, click Free Frames 032608: this is a 9.43MB download, which includes the PDF.

Try our free samples before you buy.



Download a free sheet of embellishments.

For scrapbookers, and anyone else, of course, here is a sheet of 26 ornaments. They are on a transparent background, so they can be used easily and over and over again—just copy and paste!

To download this sheet of ornaments, click Creative Motifs. This is a 3.1MB zip download. The sheet will open as a png file, 12" X 14" @200dpi.


Embellishments: Creative Touches

These three corners are our free samples from Creative Touches. The full product set of Creative Touches includes over a hundred corners and miscellaneous motifs. Creative Touches is and exciting and versatile set of embellishments designed to enhance your art and photos. To download these samples click Creative Corners Samples; this is a .53MB. For Photoshop CS users, download a sample corners action Creative Actions-Corner Sample, a 2KB download.

Try our free samples before you buy.



Creative Sloppy Borders+

Creative Drawer free Creative Sloppy Borders+ jpg

These are Sloppy Borders B030 and B037, hi res corner CHR011, and texture/background T008 from our Creative Sloppy Borders+ set. Each border is 10" at the largest dimension (approximately 8" x 10") at 200dpi, ideal for framing all sorts of images. Download the free samples Sloppy Borders+ Samples, a 1.31MB zip file.

Try our free samples before you buy.






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